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Your participants evaluate each other while you sit back. Welcome to our peer-to-peer solution!

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No time for the evaluation paperwork? Just watch the results coming in.

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No malware bots, no cheating. Our fair algorithm ranks authentic winners at the top.
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Not everyone can win, but everyone gets feedback to improve.

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How it works

how it works
Configure your award.
You can configure everything to meet your agenda: What is the challenge? Are there deadlines? According to which criteria will the participants be evaluated? What do the winners get? Configure your award.
Get participants on board!
Activate your own network or profit from our marketing channels, referral programs and partners. With Octorank you achieve your critical mass of participants. Get participants on board!
Sit Back!
Our peer-to-peer technology makes participants evaluate one another. Then it calculates a valid ranking for you. Want to have the last word? Just invite your jury before you make your decision. Sit Back!
Announce your winners!
The winners get announced on our page and receive a customized certificate. Be proud - you found yourself a new hero! Announce your winners!

Our Peer-to-Peer Technology

Participants of your award evaluate each other. This peer-to-peer technology is backed with new scientific methods.

Foundation in Research
We cooperate closely with our mentors and peer-to-peer experts from the Humboldt University of Berlin.
How to encourage helpful evaluations among the peers? Octorank uses prizes, sanctions and control mechanisms to incentivize helpful evaluations.
Expertise Detection
How to deal with different ranges of expertise among the peers? Octorank's algorithm detects expertise based on received evaluations. This way, it prioritizes the experts' votes.
Tendency Adjustment
How to deal with positive or sceptical tendencies among the peers? Octorank normalizes evaluations and adjusts personal bias.

Some of our Partners

The participants liked Octorank, the results were valid, we had no evaluation work. Fantastic.

Cem Ergün Müller — CEO, Startupnight

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