150 Word Pitch Award

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2016-11-04 15:00 CET - 2016-11-27 23:59 CET

Berliner Sparkasse, Humboldt Innovation and Freie Universität Berlin partnered with Octorank. We help you polish your most important tool as a Startup: Your Pitch! 

The Winners


The first mobile application that creates an tax return only from pictures (photographed with smartphone) of bills and documents. Taxbutler is a software solution that is installed as a mobile...read more

8.2 | 4 Evaluations

by m-raisch


The common recruiting process is excessive time-consuming, especially for simple jobs: the personal data of the candidate and his skills are actually all you may need. The classic approach:...read more

7.0 | 4 Evaluations

by JobNinja


Uniwhere is a mobile application for university students. Students rely on personal friends and generic tools like WhatsApp groups to get help for their academic life: on Uniwhere, they can get...read more

6.2 | 4 Evaluations

by uniwhere

Most Helpful

DIPAT Die Patientenverfügung GmbH

DIPAT is first and only provider of effective online living wills and adjoining documents (inkl. Organ Donors card). Our unique algorithm for automated medical consultation provides a solution...read more

by DIPAT Die Patientenverfügung


9 Tickets for the Mercedes Benz Arena

VIP Tickets

9 Tickets for the Mercedes Benz Arena

Have an amazing night in Berlin. We will give out 6 VIP tickets for an event in the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin to the winners of the award.

2 years free Premium Bank Account

Bank Account

2 years free Premium Bank Account

The winners will get a free premium Bank Account "Firmentkonto Plus" at Sparkasse Berlin for two years. 

Free Co-working space in Berlin


Free Co-working space in Berlin

Startup live in Berlin! Winners will get one month free Co-working space in Berlin.

Board of Experts


Till Willebrand

Till is a startup guru at Berliner Sparkasse. While an inspiring idea is important to get in touch, a rock-solid business plan is necessary to get financing for your business. Email: till.willebrand@berliner-sparkasse.de

Berliner Sparkasse - Startup Team


Arnas Bräutigam

Arnas is the other startup guru from Berliner Sparkasse. He recently moved to startup financing and dived into hundreds of pitches already. Convince him with a compelling story and personal commitment!

Berliner Sparkasse - Startup Team


Julia Lazaro

Julia consults businesses at the IHK startup team. She has several years of experience in managing digital products and grilling startup business models. Make sure to polish your pitch :)

IHK Berlin - Team Start-ups


"Persona" project (Cambridge Humanae Ltd.)

Entrepreneurs today are leading game-changing initiatives. But are investors putting their limited resources in the right hands? Cambridge Humanae's vision is to enable only the most flexible &...read more

by nicokirk


No matter if you are a family father who wants to record his continuous expenses or a business woman who needs to keep proofs of her business trip: Collecting and keeping paper receipts gets on...read more

by Adiume

Agorize SAS

Agorize is a 50-strong startup that specializes in organizing online innovation and talent engagement challenges. Founded in 2011, the company works with 150+ key international accounts to involve...read more

by Agorize SAS

AmbiGate GmbH

Product(ICT Innovativ Award by BMWi) eReha-a video game-based physiotherapy system for domestic and business environments. As a so-called ExerGame eReha combines medical exercises and a virtual...read more

by AmbiGate GmbH

Book a Street Artist

At Book a Street Artist we match clients with the perfect artists for their different occasions. Our clients typically book artists for company gatherings, interior decoration, product launches,...read more

by Book a Street Artist


- Collabee solves communication and workflow chaos by being the only collaboration tool that organizes all communication and workflow by each of the issues that teams address. Discussions, files,...read more

by youhan


The Hamburg-based startup CraftBeerMarket.de is an online marketplace for craft beer. The innovative service makes regional beers from independent batch breweries available throughout Germany and...read more

by CraftBeerMarket.de

DIPAT Die Patientenverfügung GmbH

DIPAT is first and only provider of effective online living wills and adjoining documents (inkl. Organ Donors card). Our unique algorithm for automated medical consultation provides a solution...read more

by DIPAT Die Patientenverfügung

ello, the electric walker

eMovements provides mobility aid support for a healthier, easier lifestyle to seniors. Our product is the electric walker named ello. ello is the extension of existing walkers by an electric drive...read more

by eMovements GmbH


You like riding awesome bikes? Well, thieves think so, too. We'd like to redefine safety for you in a never experienced way - with insect. Insect is the watchdog for your bike. It attaches to...read more

by FahrradJaeger

farming insects

farming insects is one of the first movers in the German market for edible insects and will launch an online shop in the beginning of 2017. Currently we are a team of four food enthusiasts from the...read more

by farming-insects


At Homebell, we believe in making lives simple. We do that by creating exceptional experiences for our customers and partners to foster reliability, trust and optimism. Together with the smartest...read more

by Home3sixty


We are iCombine - the startup that guides the right people to your booth at any expo by matching your company profile with the personal interests of visitors. Thus, iCombine Expo paves the way for...read more

by iCombine


Did you ever wish for an extra Data Analyst on the team? A person that would crunch the numbers for you and find new insights that are strategically relevant for your business? Introducing...read more

by Inspirient


issmeet is a social enterprise providing a one stop solution to bringing people and cultures together, reducing unemployment, hunger and eventually, food waste. A self sustainable business...read more

by issmeet